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The Beulah Church

Thank you for the taking the opportunity to learn more about our church and it’s ministry.  Our church focus is fully committed to maintaining and strengthening the family foundation and ministering to the needs of our community in the heart of Newark, NJ.  The Beulah Church serves the urban community by witnessing, evangelizing, meeting basic needs, and ministering to the hurting both young and old.  Our church’s foundation is the bible and we teach those principles for we believe that the word of God empowers, transitions and transforms the lives of all those who hear the word of God.

Gerald Lydell Dickson

has been the Senior Pastor and Teacher of  the Beulah Bible Cathedral located in the city of Newark, NJ. for the past twenty-five years.  He’s been pastoring, teaching and leading for over 45 years.  Born and raised in the city of Covington, Tennessee and is the fifth child of eleven children born to the late Mr. Thurman, Sr. & Mrs. Eula Dickson.  He treasures the wisdom of his grandmothers, Hattie Dickson and Lucinda Wakefield.  Pastor Dickson was formally educated in Covington, Tennessee.  He has a Bachelors Degree in Religion and Psychology, completed a Masters Degree studies program and is currently pursuing a doctorate at NYU Theological Seminary. 

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