About Us


Beulah Bible Cathedral Church (known as Beulah Baptist Church) was established and birthed in 1939 by Reverend OE Kelly and a few stalwart members.  From its beginning, the Beulah Church has experienced a very rich history of pastoral leadership throughout its years of being in existence.  From the homes of our beginning and founding Pastors to a storefront building in 1943; to the Turkish Bath House on Charlton Street (currently the landmark of the Sonic Fast Food Restaurant) and our current location – 580 South 12th Street in the heart of the Brick City Newark, NJ; God has always and still continues to be in our midst.

Reverend J.C. Crawford whom was a great pioneer and trailblazer was called and took on the helm of leadership to Pastor Beulah in 1952.  Many souls and families were drawn to Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of Rev. JC Crawford. A loudspeaker was placed outside the church for others passing by to hear the foundational and inspirational preaching of Rev. JC Crawford and songs of praise from the choir.  Despite troubled times of recession and the Newark riots of 1967, Beulah remained and was sustained.  On Sunday, April 9, 1967 – Reverend JC Crawford led a motorcade of approximately 125 members to our present location 580 South 12th Street, Newark New Jersey.  Church services were heard over the radio for more than 10 years.  Reverend JC Crawford served the Beulah Church for 37 years until his passing in October 1989.  What an awesome man of God who will never be forgotten throughout the history of the Beulah Church. 

August 1995 Beulah extended the call to our 7th and current Pastor, Gerald Lydell Dickson better known as “Earthquake” – a preaching and teaching powerhouse.   On August 22, 1995, Pastor Dickson and members of Bountiful blessings which he founded, merged together with the Beulah Church and serve faithfully together.  Throughout Pastor Dickson’s 25 years of pastoring and tenure at the Beulah Church, the Lord has strengthened the ministry to accomplish great feats through prayer and obedience to the Spirit of God.  Pastor Dickson continues to lead The Beulah Church and we all serve in strength and in faith through the word of God.


Pastor Gerald Lydell Dickson

Celebrating 25 Years Pastoring and Leading
The Beulah Church since 1995

An innovative and visionary leader with a Kingdom minded agenda.  His international ministry has spanned the globe and has afforded him to reach and preach from the Great Wall of China to the Jordan River in Israel.  He has been evangelizing and preaching for over 45 years and with the Apostolic Anointing on his life, there are no signs of him slowing down. 

A born and raised native of Tennessee and the fifth child of eleven children born to the late Mr. Thurman, Sr. & Mrs. Eula Dickson.  His thunderous preaching delivery and unfolding of the gospel has allowed him to preach and teach before great men.  He has been a frequent guest of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), guest of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education, a sought out Leadership Facilitator and preacher on numerous Christian platforms. 

He has a Shepherd’s heart to lead beyond the walls to minister to the churched as well as the unchurched.  His quest in ministry is to seek and save souls through and by the word of God.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of Beulah Bible Cathedral is to fulfill the mandate of God by displaying and delivering the message of Jesus Christ to all, being always determined to bring truth and faith to the masses.

Our Vision

It is the Vision of the Beulah Bible Cathedral to build the lives of people from all walks of life and to protect those lives by preparing a place and a practice of LOVE, LIFE and LEARNING.

The Vision of the Beulah Bible Cathedral is to take the message of the Holy Bible and perform the life work of Jesus Christ to affect the lives of God’s people here and elsewhere;

  • To move diligently to show love for the worship, work and witness of Jesus Christ.
  • To be steadfast, considerate and concerned about the development of the people;
  • We believe welcoming of new converts should be greeted in a place where atmosphere and attitude for lives can be altered eternally in wholeness and care.
  • We labor in love to see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit take total control of all the endeavors of the Mission, Vision and dreams of this house.